The decision to join BLG Titans is important, in fact, it could be one of the most important decision you make this year. We too need to make sure you are the right fit for us. You have the opportunity to create life long friendships as you rapidly scale your business. As the name suggests, we believe there is more to life than material gain. We believe life is there to be lived and we also believe in giving back. This mastermind is not for people who want to seek funding and build the next unicorn. Whilst as an angel investor I play in this space, this mastermind is not for you. This form is to help us preparation for our interview. All information is kept confidential and you will get a copy of your answers in the interview.
What is your first name?

{{answer_wCzflkg2PQzY}} - What is your surname?

{{answer_wCzflkg2PQzY}} - What is your email address?

{{answer_wCzflkg2PQzY}} - What is the name of your business?

{{answer_wCzflkg2PQzY}} - What do you sell, to who, and for how much?

About you

Getting to know who you are
{{answer_wCzflkg2PQzY}} - What are your core values?

Example BLG values are Honesty, Integrity and Trust
{{answer_wCzflkg2PQzY}} - What is your purpose in life?

{{answer_wCzflkg2PQzY}} - If I asked your best friends to describe you in three words, what would they say?

{{answer_wCzflkg2PQzY}} - How coachable are you?

With 7 being the highest

{{answer_wCzflkg2PQzY}} - How motivated are you to change?

With 7 being the highest

{{answer_wCzflkg2PQzY}} - Can you give me an example of a selfless act you did recently. What was the situation, what did you do and what was the outcome?

{{answer_wCzflkg2PQzY}} - Which one of these best describes you?

BLG Rapid Growth Drivers

In working with other corporate escapees, we have created a proven road map which gets results. This road map is called the 5 Rapid Growth Drivers (RGD). In the next sections, you will be asked some questions relating to each.
RGD 1 = Personal Productivity - You’re most likely overworked. It is ok as many of our applicants are in the same position. Please answer these questions honestly.

{{answer_wCzflkg2PQzY}} - How many hours a week do you work on average?

For example 60 hours
{{answer_wCzflkg2PQzY}} - What gets in the way of you being productive?

Could be social media, wearing too many hats, distractions etc
{{answer_wCzflkg2PQzY}} - What are you procrastinating on?

RGD 2 = Ideal Client - Knowing exactly who your customer is doesn’t just save you time it also helps you know what marketing strategy is best for your business.

{{answer_wCzflkg2PQzY}} - Who is your ideal client?

Please think of your best client and what attributes do they have which makes them your ideal client eg Industry, Vertical, Revenue per month, number of staff, geographic location, behavioural traits etc..etc
RGD 3 = Business model - Work smarter not harder.

{{answer_wCzflkg2PQzY}} - Why do you do what you do?

{{answer_wCzflkg2PQzY}} - What is your vision for your business?

{{answer_wCzflkg2PQzY}} - What is your unique selling proposition?

What do you have that few in the world have. Why do customers want to work with you?
{{answer_wCzflkg2PQzY}} - What is your average monthly revenue?

Most people like to call this number higher than what it truly is. I get it, I do as well. Please be as realistic as possible.
{{answer_wCzflkg2PQzY}} - What do you draw in monthly salary?

Don't be embarrassed by this question, as many business owners don't pay themselves first. I get it, I did it for many years. If you do draw a salary, please put down the number and it will be treated with confidence. If you don't draw a wage as yet, what are you average monthly personal expenses?
RGD Four = Sales focus - There's a limit to how much you can save but no limit to how much you can sell. As business owners, you’re the key person responsible for sales. We consider marketing and sales under the same driver. Marketing we focus on 3 elements (1) Free (2) Paid (3) Joint Ventures to drive leads. Sales has to do with converting the leads.

{{answer_wCzflkg2PQzY}} - What are the main ways you get new leads?

As described, we bucket them into three categories 1) Free 2) Paid 3) Joint Ventures | eg Free = Podcast, Paid = FB ads and Joint Ventures = Community partnership
{{answer_wCzflkg2PQzY}} - What would you like to change in you sales funnel?

RGD Five = High Performing Team - Building a high-performing team may seem impossible, but it’s much easier once you know what to focus on. A team can consist of direct employees and contractors.

{{answer_wCzflkg2PQzY}} - How many people are in your direct team?

Direct team are people who only work for you excluding contractors. This could include a Virtual Assistant, Operations Manager, Business Development Manager etc
{{answer_wCzflkg2PQzY}} - What would you like to improve about your team?

{{answer_wCzflkg2PQzY}} - What contractors are you most looking to find to help you rapidly grow?

This could include branding, web development, FB ads, Linkedin outreach etc

What did you like about filling in this form?

What do you suggest we change?

{{answer_wCzflkg2PQzY}}, thank you for completing this. The information will be used to create specific questions in our meeting so we can best utilise our time together. The information is confidential and will be destroyed if BLG Titans is not the right fit for you or we think you are not the best fit for us. During our interview, I will ask you if you would like to progress. Your application is then put forward to the other members who have the final say on who joins BLG Titans. Your email details will be treated with respect. I look forward to talking soon.
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